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General Questions
Kmart Smart Plan

How can I contact customer service?

You can get immediate help during call center hours by calling 1-855-44-Kmart or you can access our online customer service help by clicking here.

My claim is not coming up on your web page, what should I do?

If you have a valid sales receipt, showing your purchase of the Kmart Smart Plan agreement, our customer service center can verify it for you. Please call for assistance at 1-855-44-Kmart.

How long does it take to get my claim fulfilled?

The process time varies depending on your product and whether or not you need to process a return shipment to our returns center. It can take anywhere from 5 - 14 business days to process your claim. If you have a specific question about your claim, please call customer service at 1-855-44-Kmart.

How do I process a claim?

Within 30 days of purchase:

a. Retain your original sales receipt as proof of purchase. Return to the Kmart store where you purchased your product to take advantage of Kmart's store return policy.

After 30 days:

a. Do not return this product to the store. Returns may be made at the store only within the first 30 days. Unless you are exercising your product manufacturer’s warranty (and the product information directs you back to the Kmart store), you should follow the directions for making a claim in your Kmart Smart Plan contract.

b. Log on to to initiate your claim or register your plan. If you do not have access to a computer, or prefer calling, call 1-855-44-Kmart. A customer service associate will walk you through the process and can initiate the claim for you.

c. Have your original sales receipt, and purchase date. This will be required to make a claim.

d. We'll confirm your product defect, and verify your address. You will have the opportunity to download a pre-paid shipping label or have one mailed to you. It's important to note that products with no defect found or accidental damage will be returned and in that case gift card may not be issued. Please see Terms and Conditions for complete details.

e. Once you have the prepaid shipping label, ship the defective product or component to our returns processing center. Use the original product box and packing material if you have them. They are designed specifically for the transfer of your product. To expedite the process, please include all accessories that came with your original purchase, including the owner's manual, before sending your product to our returns center.

Click here to view the list of common accessories

f. You'll receive a Kmart gift card for the original purchase price, including sales tax, by return mail. If you purchase your replacement in advance and can show proof of that purchase at your Kmart store (by receipt number and purchase date) you will receive an option to receive a check rather than a gift card. In some cases, Kmart reserves the right to ship a refurbished replacement for certain products that may not be in stock at your local Kmart stores.

g. Use the Kmart gift card to replace your defective product with a replacement product of your choice at any Kmart store nationwide!

h. You are responsible for any difference between the purchase price of your selected replacement and the gift card. Any excess funds will be placed on a Kmart gift card.

Will my existing plan cover the new replacement product purchased?

No, the plan is designed for a one-time use and the contract is fulfilled after the gift card is issued (that's why the price is so low). If you use the gift card to replace the defective product with a replacement product of your choice, we recommend you purchase a new Kmart Smart Plan.

Does the Kmart Smart Plan replace my manufacturer's coverage?

No, it provides a more simplified alternative to the manufacturer's coverage. Most standard warranties do not provide replacement coverage. In addition, they often require you to ship it in for repair at your expense. Your Smart Plan contract provides an advantage to replace your product in a flexible way. You are free to contact the manufacturer during their coverage period if you would rather reserve your one-time Kmart gift card replacement option for a later date within the term. To contact your manufacturer, please go to their web site or call them at the number listed in your owner’s manual.

What are my obligations to process my claim as quickly as possible?

Your original sales transaction showing your Kmart Smart Plan is the most important piece of our claims process because it proves your purchase and coverage. It also speeds verification. To expedite the process, please include all accessories that accompanied your original purchase, including owner's manual, before sending your product to our product testing center.Click here to view the list of accessories, which may have accompanied your product during your original purchase.

Click here to view the list of common accessories

How do I know what accessories I will need to send in with my product?

Click here to view the list of common accessories, which may have come with your product during your original purchase.

Can I purchase the Kmart Smart Plan to cover merchandise that I have already purchased?

Yes, you may visit your local Kmart store to purchase a Smart Plan up to 30 days after your original purchase date.